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Otherwise utterly incapable of multi-tasking - and I do mean incapable: I will pause filling up the dishwasher if I have to form a sentence - I am presently reading

- a biography of German (peaceful!) revolutionary Rudi Dutschke
Written by his wife, Gretchen (she is an American, even if the name belies it). If you're interested at all in post-WWII German anti-authoritarian politics, Dutschke is essential.

- a post-apocalyptic sci-fi novel by Cormac McCarthy: The Road
I think this is an American masterpiece, and I'm not alone.

- Alexander McCall Smith's Love over Scotland
The third of five novel-length instalments of a story that was originally serialised on a daily basis as 44 Scotland Street in The Scotsman. Interesting form experiment. Each chapter is relatively short and ends with something resembling a cliffhanger.

- the conclusion to A. S. Byatt's Frederica Quartet: A Whistling Woman.
Recommended, especially for academics. Mmmmnnh... The Frederica Quartet... Billions of riveting pages to sink your teeth into! But if you don't already know Byatt, Possession is probably the place to start. It's a doorstopper of a book, character- AND plot driven. A page-turner if you ask me. Or if you ask the Booker Prize panel. ;)

Yes, I am a terrible snob, and there's fuckall you can do about it ;P
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- only one thing: Richard Matheson's I am Legend.

If you don't like vampires but are interested in existential issues, read it. If you couldn't care less about existentialism but are into vampires, read it. If you like both - take a wild guess. This book is good on so many levels. And the crazy thing is, it's not even a difficult read. It's just really well thought out, philosophical in a simple but very rewarding way, and full of dark humour.

Only one warning: The vampires aren't exactly sexy.


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