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I got top marks for my dissertation, how about that?

So, a new life begins, and I'm sort of scared arseless. Still. Happy about the grade :)


Mar. 20th, 2009 01:52 am
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Holy academic triumph, Batman, I handed in my dissertation on time! That's not nothing; I know a great deal of people whose dissertations are overdue.

Oh, by the way, before any American readers get too impressed: the British use of 'dissertation' is equivalent to the American 'thesis', so it's not a doctorate I'm achieving with this. Just my master's.

And this time around, after meeting the deadline with a paper that has been taking up most of my time, I actually have sort of a feeling of elation instead of just the anticlimactic one I used to get whenever I handed in other papers after the last frantic all-nighter. Maybe it's because this was the final one. I can hardly believe it. I've been at uni most of my adult life.

Soon, after a bit of well-earned relaxation - or relaxation, anyway - I guess I'll have to start looking for a proper job. (Hm. That really is the downside to finishing one's studies, isn't it?) I'm in sort of a Limbo, because I don't actually have my degree as yet. The dissertation has to be marked, and it could be up to two months before that happens, I'm told. Meanwhile I'll have plenty of time to nurse my instinctive aversion to the nine-to-fives...

Anyway, leave it to me to start bitching about the next challenge as soon as I've accomplished something satisfactory!

In fact, I'm very happy about handing in the bastard, and I think I'll just allow myself to be irresponsible and carefree in Limboland a little while longer. Unfortunately, I have to work this weekend, but next weekend, in keeping with proud academic tradition, I'm going out with some of my (soon to be former) fellow students to drink myself harebrained.

And now I will be reading the fics and watching the vids that people on my f-list have posted during my long, almost complete absence. Am dl'ing that ep of SPN that you, [ profile] thandie , gave me the links to, this very minute ;) Thank you, hun.

Woo hoo! Free to read fanfic and watch tv shows! Free to play old video games until the early morning in my underwear! Heh, I remind myself of that fat jerk in The Simpsons who owns the comic store, and the way he says "This should provide sustenance for the Dr. Who marathon," pushing a wheelbarrow full of candy. You have to pity my boyfriend, really :-D

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The subject of my film analysis paper for this term has been approved: It will be about German director Tom Tykwer and his lovely and highly entertaining action flick art film, Lola rennt -- or Run Lola, Run in English. And I'll be writing in collaboration with one of the coolest and smartest people in my year because she approached me about it.

Looking forward to that! Especially since this particular project requires me to watch Tykwer films, which is always a plus; and because the ones relevant to the analysis all have Franka Potente in them. Now, ever since [personal profile] chicafrom3 taught me that there is such a thing as being a biaesthetic heterosexual, I have considered myself just that; meaning that, while romantically and sexually, I go for men, I aesthetically appreciate both sexes. And Franka is appreciable. The coolness of this woman. And what's with the name?!? Potent? I guess that kind of covers it.

Meanwhile, the university has decided -- erroneously -- that I have finished my degree. (?) A little baffling to me, since by my calculations, I still have a little over a year to go. Same thing happened to another of my group members, and she had the error corrected, so I believe there's hope still. But really, the bureaucracy in these places is so complex that it becomes rocket science just to stay registered as a student. Much more difficult than doing the actual degree. Ridiculous. And how can it be, if I'm not registered as a student, that I can be on the list for the classes I'm taking and have my film analysis subject approved... ?
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Can you imagine what Harry Potter would look like at, say, thirty? I can, now that I've seen my new teacher. His hair is black (the kind that sort of swallows all light), unruly, and long enough that the fringe sometimes gets into his eyes - or in the way of his glasses.

That's all I'm saying. I've never seen anyone bear such a striking resemblance to a fictional character before.


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