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Abderrahmane Sissako
Alain Corneau
Alain Jessua
Alain Terzian
Albert Gauvin
Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu
Alexander Astruc
Alexander Payne
Alexandre Arcady
Alexandre Desplat
Alexandre Tylski
Alfonso Cuaron
André Buytaers
André Larquié
Antoine Aronin
Arielle Dombasle
Asia Argento
Barbet Schroeder
Bernard-Henri Lévy
Bertrand Tavernier
Betrand Van Effenterre
Buck Henry
Camille Meyer
Candice Belaisch-Goldchmit
Carine Sarna
Cécile Telerman
Charlotte Silvera
Christian Carion
Christian Gion
Christophe Barratier
Claude Lanzmann
Claude Lelouch
Claude Miller
Corinne Figuet
Costa Gavras
Danièle Thompson
Danis Tanovic
Darren Aronofsky
David Heyman
David Lynch
Davide Homitsu Riboli
Diane Kurys
Diane von Furstenberg
Djamel Bennecib
Dominique Crevecoeur
Elie Chouraqui
Elsa Zylberstein
Emir Kusturica
Etienne Faure
Ettore Scola
Eugenia Varela Navarro
Fanny Ardant
Fatih Akin
François Margolin
Gabriel Auer
Gaelle Lancien
Georges Dybman
Gérard Lenne
Gianluca Farinelli (Cinémathèque de de Bologne)
Gilles Behat
Gilles Jacob
Giuseppe Bertolucci
Giuseppe Tornatore
Guillaume Stirn
Harmony Korinne
Henning Carlsen
Isabelle Adjani
Isabelle Huppert
Jacques Bral
Jacques Fansten
Jacques Richard
Jan Kounen
Jean-Charles Tacchella
Jean-Jacques Annaud
Jean-Jacques Beineix
Jean-Loup Hubert
Jean-Marc Ghanassia
Jean-michel Carre
Jeanne Moreau
Jean-Paul Dayan
Jean-Paul Rappeneau
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Jérôme Cornuau
Jerry Schatzberg
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Joël Farges
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John Landis
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Julian Schnabel
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Katarina De Meulder
Kent Jones (World Cinema Foundation)
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Patrice Chéreau
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Radovan Tadic
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Richard Pena (Directeur Festival de NY)
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Rosalinde et Michel Deville
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William Shawcross
Wim Wenders
Wong Kar Waï
Woody Allen
Xavier Beauvois
Yamina Benguigui
Yann Moix
Yasmina Reza
Ysabelle Saura Del Pan

There are some wonderful artists on that list. Too bad. I like Roman Polanski's art, too. That does not, however, exculpate him from drugging and anally raping a 13 year-old - who, even in her groggy state, told him no. This is not a matter of dispute. He admitted as much! So are these people - who, upon his long overdue arrest, petitioned to have him released immediately from prison - saying it didn't happen or that it doesn't matter that it happened? What, because he's an Artiste?!! Shame on you. Now there's a deal-breaker if I ever saw one. I'm never spending another dime on the work of any of those people, be they ever so talented.

ETA: Oh, yeah, and this list is far, far from exhaustive. People keep adding their names to it. Last I checked, there were 728 rape apologists on it. Among them Emma Thompson. My heart hemorrhages.

Mein Kampf

May. 7th, 2008 12:49 am
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I want to be an optimist. However *rawk* I think it is to be disillusioned and cranky and sarky and moody and muttering curses on humankind under one's breath - the people who are real role models to me are the ones who see the world without naivety and still manage to find beauty in it. You know? I want to be like that. Commenters on Youtube simply won't let me.

I have a look at a clip from Band of Brothers, and what do I find in the comments? Quote, " haha fuck the germans we beat your ass in ww1 and ww2 we can still beat your ass now", unquote. And other words of wisdom along the same lines. Sometimes I think Hitler had the right idea. Except for the fact, obviously, that he went after communists, intellectuals, homosexuals, and Jews. The gas chamber solution for people like safty1st, though? Keeps looking better and better.

But no. That's the wrong reaction, I know. And to be perfectly serious for a second: Hitler's crime was a crime against humanity. He saw himself as the saviour of humanity, though. Because he showed up when the time was ripe for radical change in a troubled society, and because he was charismatic and ardently believed in his cause - that is the reason that he was able to seduce enough people to gain the kind of power that he did. This does not mean that all Germans were Nazis. Nor does it mean that all Nazis were evil. If you think that, and if you think you and your countrymen could never be misled by a mad leader - well - then you're just a moron. It could happen anywhere under the right circumstances, as I believe safty1st has demonstrated beyond a doubt. Once you are of the opinion that a whole people, without exception, is beneath contempt; that's when you become the exact same kind of criminal that Hitler was. You twat.

PS: What exactly do you call the Guantanamo base, safty1st? Because I call it a concentration camp.
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They killed Aaron Hall. I just found out yesterday and spent a sleepless night in fury. Have you heard about this? So a man, a father, beloved by his family and friends, had to die horribly because a couple of 'nough-saids apparently failed their potty-training - or whatever it is that went wrong. Something obviously did. And not just with them: there are actually people out there defending their actions! Because the murderers thought Aaron Hall might be gay. Oh, well, that makes it all right, then!

Vesper Holly has described the case on wordspress here.

We've seen similar unbelievable atrocities before. The Abu Ghraib photos of the guards' sexual assaults on helpless prisoners - suspects who were not even convicted of any crime - and the real smack on the head was that the perpetrators themselves proudly provided the documentation! That always reminds me of cheering lynch mobs. And of the unspeakable genocides we know are always taking place somewhere on this godforsaken globe.

And now the murder of Aaron Hall. These... people? - tortured a man to death over the course of so many hours I cannot possibly bear to think about it. If they had done that to an insect, I would say they were certifiable. If they'd done it to a dog, I'd never let them out of the asylum. They did it to a human being. What kind of a creature beats another human being to death - someone who never hurt them or anyone - and then celebrates? What they did to an innocent man would not have been justifiable even if they'd done it to Hitler. Because it says so much more about the person doing the torturing than about the person being tortured. Sane people just aren't capable of that.

Honestly, I was hoping that this particular sort of thing didn't happen anymore. I know there is always hate crime in this world, but I really didn't expect it to be something any so-called "normal" people would half-way condone! Not now. In 2007.

I really didn't expect people making comments like: "I would have beat him up but not killed him. Even though it would be nice to kill him, it would be wrong." WOOOT??? Listen here, fuckwad: What other people do in their personal lives is None. of your. business. If they're not hurting anyone, you had better not be hurting them. Shit-for-brains, bigoted pile of worthless dung.

And I cannot begin to describe how appalled I am that it's even slightly possible that a so-called "gay panic" defense might get these murderers a shorter sentence.

I wonder what would happen if I - accidentally - happened to bludgeon all these UNBELIEVABLE FUCKNECKS and then - just as accidentally, of course - happened to drop them in the deep fat frier, shouting "GANGING UP ON SOMEONE WHO CAN'T DEFEND THEMSELVES DOES NOT ADD INCHES TO YOUR PRICK" - and then pleaded "homophobe panic"? I simply cannot control myself when I meet homophobes, Your Honour. I go into a panic. Yeah well, the state of panic lasts for days while I slowly but surely take their lives...

The thing is, I could never do that. Not that they don't deserve it. But unlike these filthy bigoted scumfucks, I am incapable of harming someone, unless I truly fear for my own life or the life of someone else. I thought that was the natural way to be. But that's just me. And my kind.

It is times like these I wish stupidity was painful. That would be true justice. Those people would have not even lived to kill Aaron Hall. They would have died in excruciating spasms. Instead, they are alive, and the world has just one more fatherless girl.

God - you sure have forsaken me and my kind. Guess what? Right back atya.


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