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A Danish prime minister once said, "You have a standpoint until you take a new one."

So, at this juncture, I have to make an amendment to my rant about Lost. It's not a complete retraction, far from it. Basically, I stand by everything I said, although.... You see, I gave up on the show after watching the two first seasons, but then the other day, I thought I'd give it another go. And it's not that I think I'll be watching the third season on the strength of its first episode, but I will say this:

They sold me on Jack. I would have never thought it possible.

I am Jack's potential suddenly being fulfilled. What a gorgeous surprise that was.

Juliet, she tamed him like you would a wild animal. She saw his stubborn streak, and she broke him. With the Tough Love touch, no less. *maniacal snicker* And Jack? In a roundabout way, he needed and deserved that. And me? I very nearly came in my pants enjoyed that excessively. Whether it was a good plot or not, I really couldn't say. It may well be complete drivel, but I'm too busy being turned on by it to analyse it any further. I'm convinced the screenwriters behind that episode have read my diary.

So now, Jack is hot. He wasn't before, but he is now. Them pretty tears look fantastic on you, boy! 
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Look, Reznor, you've got it all backwards (she said, savouring the mental image): I want to fuck you like an animal. That's the way it always was and always will be. That swivelling in the air you do there, and those... gloves... you wear, all strung up by the wrists and blindfolded. Ah, happy days! Apropos of being strung up by the wrists: Am I the only one who associates that directly with Thom Yorke? We do indeed suck young blood - or not so young anymore, as it happens... Reznor, you're what, now? Forty-two? No, wait - don't answer that; I don't really care. I'd still do you if you were a hundred years old. And the leather thingies in that old vid of yours remain the clothing items I would most dearly like to see on my boyfriend. Sick, you say? Who are you to talk? ;-)

That little outburst was probably only decipherable to people familiar with NIN and Radiohead. Sorry.
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I have a very good friend who has thought of a system for signifying the degree of interest one might have in a fandom character.

I find it very helpful for monitoring whether an interest is getting out of hand. You know of the Defense Condition system in the American military. It's a scale of 1 to 5, where 5 means the country is at war. At least - that's how it's depicted in movies. I got my facts from a talking tree... WHAT?? What's wrong with that?

Imagine a similar system for squeeness. My friend has described it thus - the bottom level is the no-danger zone, the top is red alert!

Unhealthy Fixation
Keen Interest

Perhaps I should clarify the term 'pornification.' Basically, it means 'turned on-ness.' If you're pornified it means you are, for instance, in the mood to either write or read pornographic fanfic involving the character - or to watch vids, manips, or the like that are sexually angled. A really hot fanfic or fanvid may pornify you.

What you have to watch out for, as you move from the lower to the upper levels in this hierarchy - going from "Oh, well, there's a guy on the screen. He's not bad-looking, I suppose" to "He's quite attractive imo" to "Heeeyyy" to "Grrrrrrrrrrr!" - is that you don't end up in the Unhealthy Fixation. It is quite an obsessive state to be in, and no good for you. Believe me: both my friend and I speak from experience ;)

Right now my stat is: 4 = Pornification = "Grrrrrrrrrrr!" regarding Danny Archer. This means I'm dangerously close to becoming creepy. It's a teetering balance, but if the status quo can be preserved, it's actually delightful.


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