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And long live 20-year-old Sudanese Intisar Sharif Abdallah! She was facing a sentence of death by stoning, but Amnesty's petition made an impression, and she has been freed and the charges dropped!

There is good in this terrible world after all.

To your health and long life, Intisar!
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If you don’t believe that’s what mainstream culture is teaching young women, have a look at the meal scenes in any motherfucking rom-com you care to. Why not start with Bouquet Final. Then have a look at the statistics for eating disorders. That is all.
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As we all know, only men can get Mpreggers. That’s why I left all contraception to my boyfriend in my last relationship even though I was certain I never wanted kids and knew that he did, and even though I did insist on having the exact kind of sex that can lead to Mpregnancy. He said he was on the Mpill, so that ought to be alright, right?

I know the only completely reliable form of contraception is to avoid that particular kind of sex, but you know... leaving my deposit in his uterass was enjoyable, so I thought what the heck.

I could have chosen to get my tubes tied – with vasectomies there is only a 0.025% chance of failure – but I couldn't be bothered. And condoms weren’t an option because they’re such a mood killer.

After I left my boyfriend, we haven’t had much contact, so in principle my ex could have had a kid by me without my knowing. For a while I thought that I would have no right to complain even if he did, because I was of the mistaken impression that I had to be responsible for my own actions. It is only now, years later, that I realise - thanks to the good folks commenting on this post- that in all this time, I may unknowingly have been the victim of egregious abuse!

If my ex was indeed knocked up by me without my consent, I can totally sue him and take the kid away from him, because no one should be allowed to be a parent if they’re abusive enough to keep someone’s gunk deposit against their will!

So what if I passed on a lot of contraceptive options myself?
So what if he takes care of the whole gestation process?
So what if I don’t have to spend time with the offspring?

I still have a right to decide that I don’t want to be a biological mother, goddammit, AND that I want to have risky sex anyway, AND that I want to leave contraception to my partner. That is my right as a woman!

Thank you, [ profile] fanficrants , for bringing it to my attention that I don’t have to put up with those masculine wiles that men always come up with to trap women.

PS: I bet he totally abused me by having my kid while I was on skiing holiday! Wouldn’t that be just like a man?
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I recently became aware of one of the funniest, most gruesomely astute blogs on the Internet. It's about heartwarming nature crap and savage death-islandism (formerly known as feminism).

Twisty, self-declared spinster aunt, comments on the mechanisms of oppression, male privilege, and the questionable female empowerment implicit in the availability of power tools in the colour pink.

Also, her posts never fail to inspire interesting discussions among her readers. It is the smartest place I've been in a long time.

She has - among many, many others - the following points to make about the bogus notion of femininity and the system that enforces it:

'Behold the neat trick. First, you make women act like simpletons, broodmares, janitors, mannequins, and sex slaves before you grant them social approval. You call this behavior “femininity” and explain that it is their essential nature, and that any deviation from the program will be punished. Then you infantilize and ridicule the ones who get it right, and vilify and abuse the ones who get it wrong (you can also vilify and abuse the ones who get it right, because, let’s be honest; the world is your oyster).'

'Femininity, in fact, can’t even be practiced without stuff (which is one way of debunking the argument that it is an inherited sex trait). It is simply not possible for a woman without makeup and deodorant and lingerie and kitten heels and diet pills and clothes without pockets and anti-wrinkle cream that promises “glowing skin” and self-help books explaining the best ways to suck up to men and jewelry and razors and tweezers and lemon-scented cleaning products and boxes of Lean Cuisine in the freezer — all stuff that must be bought — to be fully feminine.'

Well, spank my ass and call me... Humphrey(?), I've never come across greater eloquence.

Woman-hating fanficcers - just to mention one group that springs to mind like an overstretched rubber band - should go to Twisty's site post-haste and start their much needed brain-un-washing now. The truth may hurt, but it hurts in such a good way.

The amazing thing is, she manages to make her deliberations on the many difficulties of battling misogyny truly hilarious, without ever making her insights feel any less important for it. I must give birth to her children immediately.
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Oh, for god's sakes, you're all such nancies. *she said, to nobody in particular*

More than just "reality" - I have to put that in quotation marks in order for people to read it like it's meant in earnest -  I really hate fandom sometimes. Because fandom reflects reality in all its stupidity.

You check it out. If you come back saying the female half of the world's population is as respected as the male half, you're a moron. If you come back saying the female half does not deserve to be as at least as respected as the male half, you're a goddamned moron.

A god. Damned. Moron.

I'm flinging out my arms in dumbfounded, incredulous bewilderment, here.

"Moron" covers about 99% of everybody on the face of the Earth. Well, fuck you all. You're either perpetuating this shit or being silently, and thereby uselessly, critical of it. Fuck you, you unbelievable morons; you suck and blow at the same time. And the best/worst bit is that you're all inadvertently - inadvertently, because you are t.h.a.t. stupid - doing your very best to make me sick to death. You are Such. Unbelievable. Morons. The fuckest uppest that anyone could ever be.

And you're just the same as anyone else who ever was. Fuck this ludicrous world.

I hate:
- female misogynists; no more than male misogynists, but just as much as them. Let's not ever forget how many there are of those fuckers.
- male misogynists
- female misogynists
- male misogynists, oh, god, I hate you so much I can't even begin to describe it. Fuck you all forever and ever and ever and ever and ever, etc.
- anyone perpetuating misogyny - which is to say, pretty much everybody in the world. Would you piss. Off, already? What the hell is this? This is the godforsaken 21st century (after Christ, who was, of course, male.) It's not enough I have to fight for a place among the thinking individuals of the world - and there's not that many of us as it is - I have to battle the firm belief that women... aren't?? What?? It's not even that people think women are crap. It's that they think women are NOT. They forget that women exist. Oh, my unbelievable god. Stop it. Or I will. Kill. You.



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