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Am in happy mode today. That sometimes happens for no good reason. Fine by me.

As What-Turns-Me-On Paradigms go, this one has been incredibly enduring: The antagonists. They boil my blood. What is it that's so irresistible about them? This thing I have for them - it's of biblical proportions, literally! As I see it, all sexy antagonists are essentially modelled on Lucifer himself, and I'm not even a goth. But just think about it: the devil is the first and ultimate rebel in the dominant mythological heritage in Western culture. And he curiously always connotes sex. Also, he is the outcast, the prodigal son, the one who would be forgiven if he would only repent. But he won't! Isn't that wonderful?

The devil is a tragic figure in so far as he can never be redeemed - because he is actually right to reject The Old Almighty who is the epitome of authoritative, patriarchal values. Even though Milton wrote Paradise Lost in an attempt to justify God's ways, he actually managed to depict Lucifer in a way that made his rebellion so very understandable and human. Good for Milton. And good for us, since Paradise Lost is just about as great an influence in our cultural baggage as is the Bible. Which is no mean feat, people. Do you realise how much Christianity has formed our way of life and way of thinking; even those of us who aren't believers? So much of our language is tied to Christian metaphor. And I mean language in the broadest sense of the word, i.e. including imagery. What springs to mind if you see a picture of a naked woman with an apple? See? And let me ask you: With whom did you sympathise the most - Cain or Abel? Be honest. You need only watch East of Eden with James Dean as Cain Cal to know that the ill-tempered son had his reasons. One cannot renounce the devil without betraying the part of oneself that is - and well should be - critical towards enforced orthodoxy.

Anyway, enough of this high-brow nonsense. All I'm saying is that bad boy = sexy goodness. You know I'm right. From Lucifer to Cain to James Dean's Cal to Alex Krycek to Draco Malfoy to John Simm's Master. It's all good.


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