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I just saw the last episode in season one of Dexter. Seeing how good that was, and how neatly everything in that season is wrapped up - yes, yes, like the limbs of the serial killer's victims, guffaw, guffaw - perhaps I ought to just give season two a miss. It's been a long time since I felt a show really paid off on all its set-ups; seems a shame to spoil that with a second season that can only be disappointing in comparison. Still, I know I'll end up giving in to my curiosity. :-)

For now, though, I think I'll just enjoy feeling genuine admiration a little while longer. What I initially took to be a bit of a sensationalist touch - making the story about a serial killer - made absolute sense in the end. The final minute was pretty chilling, the way an accusing finger was pointed at the viewers. All the little couch vigilantes... And I can't tell you how relieved I am that they didn't cast the usual model-cum-mediocre actress in the role of Debra Morgan. Choosing Jennifer Carpenter was just so classy. The girl is made entirely out of talent.

And hey - I even learnt a new word: acrotomophilia! Clever show! I wonder if that term applies to Mulder, now? I know I became a bit of an SAE devotee after that unfortunate incident...

In conclusion, I can think of precious few quality shows that actually resolve the plot of their story. Could anyone point me in the direction of one? And please, f-listies, whatever you do, don't say Supernatural. Believe me, I like watching those boys as much as the next person, but it's just not a quality show. It has its moments, but again, we are talking about good craftsmanship; there's nothing original in it. Everything is lifted off something else; Star Wars for the characterization, Heroes for the chosen children - and this is assuming that the people behind SPN do not know that Heroes owes its idea to the Swedish show De Drabbade. Which was in almost every way superior to it. Plus, SPN is cast like a porn, which is always a bad sign. Sorry.
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A Danish prime minister once said, "You have a standpoint until you take a new one."

So, at this juncture, I have to make an amendment to my rant about Lost. It's not a complete retraction, far from it. Basically, I stand by everything I said, although.... You see, I gave up on the show after watching the two first seasons, but then the other day, I thought I'd give it another go. And it's not that I think I'll be watching the third season on the strength of its first episode, but I will say this:

They sold me on Jack. I would have never thought it possible.

I am Jack's potential suddenly being fulfilled. What a gorgeous surprise that was.

Juliet, she tamed him like you would a wild animal. She saw his stubborn streak, and she broke him. With the Tough Love touch, no less. *maniacal snicker* And Jack? In a roundabout way, he needed and deserved that. And me? I very nearly came in my pants enjoyed that excessively. Whether it was a good plot or not, I really couldn't say. It may well be complete drivel, but I'm too busy being turned on by it to analyse it any further. I'm convinced the screenwriters behind that episode have read my diary.

So now, Jack is hot. He wasn't before, but he is now. Them pretty tears look fantastic on you, boy! 
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What do the two shows Jericho and Lost have in common? The "what happens with a society after a catastrophe" issue, you say? Well, yes and no.

What they really have in common is the formulaic way in which they were written, cast, and promoted )

Lost was the bigger hit, for the simple reason that Jericho was the better show. Not that the latter avoided nearly as many pitfalls as it should have. Both shows were, at least potentially, about -- yes, what the hell was it you wanted to say, anyway? Something about where society goes when... yadda, yadda... No, you're going to have to speak up, because I can't hear you through all the goddamn embellishment! I want to drown out all the bullshit in gallons of vomit. You lying motherfuckers.

Sorry if I insulted fans of these shows. Hey - I do actually watch them myself. It just sometimes drives me up the wall, the cynicism with which producers assume that they have us all pegged. And all of this prettying things up to such a ridiculous degree, when the shows would be so much more powerful without it.


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