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What do the two shows Jericho and Lost have in common? The "what happens with a society after a catastrophe" issue, you say? Well, yes and no.

What they really have in common is the formulaic way in which they were written, cast, and promoted )

Lost was the bigger hit, for the simple reason that Jericho was the better show. Not that the latter avoided nearly as many pitfalls as it should have. Both shows were, at least potentially, about -- yes, what the hell was it you wanted to say, anyway? Something about where society goes when... yadda, yadda... No, you're going to have to speak up, because I can't hear you through all the goddamn embellishment! I want to drown out all the bullshit in gallons of vomit. You lying motherfuckers.

Sorry if I insulted fans of these shows. Hey - I do actually watch them myself. It just sometimes drives me up the wall, the cynicism with which producers assume that they have us all pegged. And all of this prettying things up to such a ridiculous degree, when the shows would be so much more powerful without it.
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I expect he does, yes! I just saw this concerned post somewhere when I was rummaging through the net to find Blood Diamond fic. Didn't find any, by the way.

Jee-zus, the inane questions that ppl come up with. Who cares if Leo smokes every bit as much as Danny Archer? It's not like he's ever going to be blowing his expertly rounded smoke rings into that puritan, fascist, fanatic anti-smoking fangirl's silly little face anytime soon. Or ever. And besides, the fact that he so obviously is a smoker - consider the goddamn technique and the frequency with which we see him smoking - is the only interesting thing about him. And then only as a matter of principle.

I mean, no offense to him! I'm sure he's a very nice person and environmentally aware and intelligent and all that, but when all is said and done, why should anyone care who doesn't know him personally? It's his characters that are of concern to audiences, not his personal life.

And another thing: If the world doesn't climb off the backs of us poor smokers soon, I'm going to be a very displeased puppet. Lighting up a fag - a cigarette, not a homosexual - shouldn't have to be an act of civil disobedience, forgodssake.


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