Dec. 15th, 2010 04:33 am
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Have just watched Inception. Have nothing to add to the accolades showered on the film, except for this teensy weensy detail:

It must be nice to wake up from the nightmare and find that you were a privileged citizen all along. We just didn’t all have that advantage.

Ah, Inception is beautiful, beautiful,  beautiful. The CGI is beautiful. It’s beautifully scripted, beautifully filmed, beautifully cut, beautifully acted, and beautifully scored.

Half the world’s population is female, though. No, that’s actually wrong; make that 51% of the world’s population. So why is it, exactly, that I cannot - and I do mean



get to see my sex represented on film?

I am led to believe that Christopher Nolan worked on this film for a decade, i.e. ten years – ten years?!

In all that time, it did not occur to him that half of the world’s population is female. Wow.

Oh, I get it; Christopher Nolan is not responsible for the entire history of misogyny. Quite right. That is why all I expected from him was 50/50, and not 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000 females for every male to make up for the last two thousand years of bigotry in storytelling.

What did I get?

I got 12 story-supporting characters, 2 of whom were female. That’s 16,7% of the cast being female. Not quite the 51% that I had been hoping for, Christopher. And to top it all off, one of the females was the femme fatale; the background character that brings nothing but death. The other one was the secretary character, meaning the one that is sexually attractive in a non-threatening way whilst supporting the main character and bringing him his tea.

Oh yeah! And I do know that we are led to believe that the Mal character has the last word, it all being her dream or something. Funny, though, how she figures so little - she's fridged, ffs - and is never shown as anything but the Scary Woman, even though as far as I can make out, she died because the hero fucked up. Not to worry, though: she died in order to give him an interesting storyline, so her sacrifice was not in vain!

PS: Having to disallow comments on this post because the death threats are going to be a little bit much this time around.

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And so it happened the other day that I was so overcome with apathy that I followed a link to an old Misha Collins interview during which he and the interviewers touched upon an even older occurrence; the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal. This owing to Misha Collins having once held the same intern position at the White House that would later be Ms Lewinsky's.

Of said position, Mr Collins found fit to pronounce that it was a "respectable" one when he was there, and that only later had she "sullied" it.

I can think of quite a few people in my circle of cool people who think this guy is the bees knees, so it saddens me to have to say this, but

Misha Collins, you can kiss my entire flabby ass.

I do not know the particulars about that old case, nor do I care or need to, in order to grasp one simple principle that apparently gave you the slip somewhere on your unimpeded white man's path to success:

Whenever anything untoward happens involving two people between whom there is a power imbalance, guess who - because of the power imbalance - subscribes the bulk of the culpability?

That's right.

So why are you blaming the other one? This is not only stupid, it is also quite remarkably cheap.

I'm willing to bet the entirety of my income from last year (which is probably somewhere in the vicinity of what you would bring in cash when going out) that you - having never met her - know very little about what led Ms Lewinsky to act as she did. I don't know either. I just know this:

Monica Lewinsky must have endured one of the absolute shittiest shit-storms in the history of shit-stormery. So you thought you'd score a few points for yourself by piling on a bit more? Big witty guy on top of the world!

"She brought it on herself!" screeches the stone-throwing mob, and Misha along with them, no doubt. Oh yeah? What do you know about it? You never met her, remember, let alone walked a mile in her shoes, so shut the fuck up, Prince Privilege, and stop scoring points you don't need off of people who are already on the ground bleeding.
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Oh, for god's sakes, you're all such nancies. *she said, to nobody in particular*

More than just "reality" - I have to put that in quotation marks in order for people to read it like it's meant in earnest -  I really hate fandom sometimes. Because fandom reflects reality in all its stupidity.

You check it out. If you come back saying the female half of the world's population is as respected as the male half, you're a moron. If you come back saying the female half does not deserve to be as at least as respected as the male half, you're a goddamned moron.

A god. Damned. Moron.

I'm flinging out my arms in dumbfounded, incredulous bewilderment, here.

"Moron" covers about 99% of everybody on the face of the Earth. Well, fuck you all. You're either perpetuating this shit or being silently, and thereby uselessly, critical of it. Fuck you, you unbelievable morons; you suck and blow at the same time. And the best/worst bit is that you're all inadvertently - inadvertently, because you are t.h.a.t. stupid - doing your very best to make me sick to death. You are Such. Unbelievable. Morons. The fuckest uppest that anyone could ever be.

And you're just the same as anyone else who ever was. Fuck this ludicrous world.

I hate:
- female misogynists; no more than male misogynists, but just as much as them. Let's not ever forget how many there are of those fuckers.
- male misogynists
- female misogynists
- male misogynists, oh, god, I hate you so much I can't even begin to describe it. Fuck you all forever and ever and ever and ever and ever, etc.
- anyone perpetuating misogyny - which is to say, pretty much everybody in the world. Would you piss. Off, already? What the hell is this? This is the godforsaken 21st century (after Christ, who was, of course, male.) It's not enough I have to fight for a place among the thinking individuals of the world - and there's not that many of us as it is - I have to battle the firm belief that women... aren't?? What?? It's not even that people think women are crap. It's that they think women are NOT. They forget that women exist. Oh, my unbelievable god. Stop it. Or I will. Kill. You.



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