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The thing about Scandinavian short films is that they are so unbearably pretentious. Being Danish myself, I feel I can say this without stepping on any toes that aren't also my own. 'NU' (2003) is the perfect example, what with being shot in B&W for no good reason and lasting 27 minutes without dialogue. Come on.

On the other hand, the complete lack of a coherent storyline or believable character motivation can sometimes have its benefits. Such as when this

inexplicably turns into this

which in turn leads, somewhat more naturally, to this

and then - now making complete causal sense - to this

I do love me some wanton man-on-man snogging. If it doesn't make sense, you must acquit.

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I always genuinely hope to like lower-budget films, because chance of actual non-propagandistic message. And of artistic expression un-(or less)compromised by commercial interests. However. Daydreamer (2007) is just as trite as any blockbuster, plus it has that self-indulgent quality that one often finds in young, white, hetero males who fancy themselves hard put-upon because the film-going public has not yet lavished fame and fortune on them. And who just fancy themselves, period.

I did take one thing away from it, though:

Well, well, well.
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Here is Marc-André Grondin. As you can see, he's a hottie.


Here are Nick Stahl and Marc-André Grondin together. These are production stills from the 2010 movie, The Chameleon.


Nick and Marc getting it on )

Go on, Nick Stahl! Do it!! I know I would.
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Alas, I do not have time to go through all the wonderful responses to yesterday's quiz; my jet has been fully fuelled for nearly two minutes and I must be off to receive the Honorary Citizen Award, but first - ladies and gentlemen, in this month's Guess a Film contest, the winner is... *rips open envelope* ME! Thank you, thank you! And here is the correct answer:



In fact, let me just postpone my take-off for a few more minutes to ask you, ladies and gentlemen: exactly how scrumptious WAS Robert De Niro in that??

Here is the correct answer to THAT question )
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If you consider yourself a slash appreciator and you haven't seen this film


- you really need to squeeze that into your busy schedule. This is Antonia Bird at her most weirdly wonderful, and to my recollection the only film I've seen where the score averts the film from the genre than it might have belonged to if Michael Nyman and Damon Albarn were not every bit as weird as Antonia Bird.

Deeply satisfying. Not to mention hilarious, genre-defying, and like I said, profoundly weird :)


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