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I have a very good friend who has thought of a system for signifying the degree of interest one might have in a fandom character.

I find it very helpful for monitoring whether an interest is getting out of hand. You know of the Defense Condition system in the American military. It's a scale of 1 to 5, where 5 means the country is at war. At least - that's how it's depicted in movies. I got my facts from a talking tree... WHAT?? What's wrong with that?

Imagine a similar system for squeeness. My friend has described it thus - the bottom level is the no-danger zone, the top is red alert!

Unhealthy Fixation
Keen Interest

Perhaps I should clarify the term 'pornification.' Basically, it means 'turned on-ness.' If you're pornified it means you are, for instance, in the mood to either write or read pornographic fanfic involving the character - or to watch vids, manips, or the like that are sexually angled. A really hot fanfic or fanvid may pornify you.

What you have to watch out for, as you move from the lower to the upper levels in this hierarchy - going from "Oh, well, there's a guy on the screen. He's not bad-looking, I suppose" to "He's quite attractive imo" to "Heeeyyy" to "Grrrrrrrrrrr!" - is that you don't end up in the Unhealthy Fixation. It is quite an obsessive state to be in, and no good for you. Believe me: both my friend and I speak from experience ;)

Right now my stat is: 4 = Pornification = "Grrrrrrrrrrr!" regarding Danny Archer. This means I'm dangerously close to becoming creepy. It's a teetering balance, but if the status quo can be preserved, it's actually delightful.
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I have been bitching in [ profile] fanficrants about the general lack of Blood Diamond slash. I stand by that rant. In fact, to this day I haven't been able to find a single slash story involving Danny Archer. Which is disheartening.

I think maybe there is some kind of taboo about writing sexually oriented fic about a character in such a serious film. I agree that the market for diamonds/oil/ivory/luxury-goods-of-any-kind perpetuating civil wars in the name of uncritical supply and demand is an intolerable state of affairs, and that we as a society have a duty do something about that. Who wouldn't agree?

That, however, is not the issue here. Acknowledging the seriousness of the conflict diamond situation does not stop me admiring the shapely body of Danny Archer - if it was supposed to, they shouldn't have included the after-the-shower scene, should they.

Nor does if prevent me from enjoying his cynicism, his deliciously disillusioned dry humour, and his resourcefulness. He's just a good character, people! And not in the sense of 'kind' or 'pleasant' or 'moral'. In the sense of real and appealing.

So I need him to be slashed. Sue me, but I do.

But there's not a single slash fic out there, as far as I can determine. I resent that. There are very few Blood Diamond fics at all. I did find a few on, but only one of those was readable.

That, otoh, was quite enjoyable. Archer is in character, the language is good (if appropriately foul), and the plot looks like it might be going interesting places. Only the first (quite short) part of it is up as yet, but I'm told there is more to come.
It's This Is Africa (perfect title, btw, as anyone who's seen the film will agree) by [ profile] final_acts - hereby recommended.


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