Jul. 13th, 2012

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It's a fallacy that people who care about rape culture must necessarily have been raped. I am one of the lucky people who has so far not happened to be in the vicinity of a rapist (at least not one who got the opportunity), yet I cannot remember a time in my life when rape culture was not a paramount concern to me.

I have always been galled at the way everyone present would jump to the conclusion that I was a survivor whenever I talked about the vileness of rapists and rape culture. Not because being a survivor is something to be ashamed about, which it obviously isn't, but because the assumption that rape culture is of no consequence to people who haven't been raped is so appallingly stupid and offensive.

It is offensive because it presupposes that if someone was raped, they must have done something wrong. The existence of rape can only be irrelevant to me if I am not in danger of being raped, and the only way for that to be the case is if there is some right way of acting that will keep a person safe from rape. Some rape-avoidance rules that survivors failed to observe. And that, as we know, is bullshit.

Do we, the ones who've been lucky so far, not live with the constant threat of rape? And more importantly, do we not empathise with those who were not lucky enough to not encounter a rapist? I know that what happened to survivors might just as easily have happened to me, and that any rapist would use the exact same justifications for raping me as they did when they raped others. So I am affronted, personally affronted, that rape exists. It is at best completely illogical to be anything else. At worst it is victim-blaming, pure and simple.


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